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Amplificateur Australian monitor DCM 500

Power Output 500 wotls RMS into 100v,70v or 4 ohms ]\{aximum Load 20 ohms @ l00v Frequency Response 50Hz-l skHz {+/-3db} inlo l00v THI) Less lhon 0.5% @ I KHz Distortion st Max Power o.7% S/N Ratio -7 6db Input Sensitivity Mox 300mv (sel @ I v) Input Impedance l0K ohms Input Connection Tronsformer Bolonced input wilh mole ond fem ole XLR input/oulpul sockets. Outputs ‘ 100, 70 voli line ond 4 ohm speoker outputs vio o reor ponel bonier strip. ‘ Line oul lo feed qdditionol power omplifiers ovoiloble from I of the porollelled XLR inputs Controls ‘ Fronl Ponel Power Swilch ‘ Recessed lronl ponel inpul oltenuolor Indicators Amplifier Slotus Disploy Window including: ‘ Power On lED ‘ 10 segmenl LED output meler. ‘ Moins foil LED ‘ High temp lrip LED Protection ‘ lnlemol Cooling Fons with lemperolure sensor ‘ Com pressor/Limiler – Cunent Limiier wilh ouio protecl ond oulo resel Dimensions/Weight ‘ 88mmHx483mmWx 410 mm D (Chossis dimensions only) ‘ 18 kg Power Sources Ac: 240V-50H2 or 1 l0V-60H2 3 pin IEC connector. DC: 24v with buill in trickle chorge circuil: ‘ 300mo moximum lrickle chorge. ‘ 30 omp moximum cunenl drow on DC. Power Consumption 800 wolls

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